Staying Active

How can you live a long and full life on dialysis? By having a positive attitude, getting answers, and taking action to manage your own health.It is in the best interest of every patient to be an active participant in his/her healthcare. Patients should learn as much as they can about what caused their kidney disease and the treatment options available to them. Just as important is the patient's understanding of how to control the progression of any other illnesses that, if uncontrolled, will continue to damage other parts of the body. Being involved in your healthcare means being an active participant in the decisions made that affect your health and treatment course. Facilities are required to invite patients to participate in the planning of their care. A patient can also request these care plan meetings. The meetings include members of the team such as the doctor, nurse, social worker, and dietitian. The patient is the most important member of this healthcare team! Having everyone at the table at the same time is the best way to have discussions about how the treatment is going. When changes need to be made to optimize your care, you want to be at the table to have a say in these changes. Otherwise, the decisions are made without you.

When you have a chronic disease, you have a new job: learning how to be a partner in your own healthcare.  Kidney School, a website program from the Medical Education Institute, Inc. (MEI) is a brand new learning center on the Internet to help you do just that. When you visit the Kidney School website,you can choose what you want to learn about, for FREE, 24 hours a day.

For additional FREE, research-based education materials, visit the Life Options website, or call (800) 468-7777.  

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