Reducing Hospitalizations, Readmissions and ER Visits

There are numerous reasons a dialysis patient may not be able to achieve and maintain optimal health. Health deficits may be related to health conditions, such as but not limited to, anemia, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or diagnosed and undiagnosed mental health issues. Health deficits may be related to patient behavior, such as but not limited to, not taking medication as prescribed, failure to attend check-ups, eating an unhealthy diet, smoking tobacco, using recreational drugs, excessive alcohol use, lack of exercise, or missing or shortening dialysis treatment. Health issues may be related to an unstable social support system and/or financial problems, such as but not limited to, access to food, shelter, transportation, clothing, medication, medical care, and/or emotional support, making patients potentially unable to care for themselves.

We work with facilities to incorporate a focus on the reasons for health deficits to mitigate hospital admissions, hospital 30-day readmission, and outpatient emergency department visits.

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