Life Plan - Plan of Care

It is our mission that patients, their families, and caregivers have the opportunity to collaborate in their Plan of Care meetings as valued members of their interdisciplinary team (IDT). This involvement provides them the opportunity to share their personal experiences, values, preferences and life goals. Doing so ensures that their voices are heard and their insight is used to formulate interventions that will benefit their individualized quality of care. 

Let’s refocus on:
  • The real value of the Plan of Care
  • Helping patients better understand and participate in their care planning 
  • Assisting facilities to revitalize integration of patients in care planning 

Step 1

All members of the facility’s interdisciplinary team must watch the following “Life Plan – Plan of Care” Program Kick Off video. Following on the next page after watching the video, you will be asked to attest to having watched it.
Video Attestation
Life Plan, Plan of Care Program:
Video Attestation

Step 2

Use the following My Dialysis tools to align dialysis care with patient-identified priorities, promote care individualization, and improve the care planning experience.

UNC My Plan Logo
Overview brochure Care Team Guide Use Cases
Program Overview
(English / Spanish)
Patient Brochure
(English / Spanish)
Care Team Guide
(English / Spanish)
Use Cases
(English / Spanish)
logistics Meeting Scripts Care Plan  
Meeting Logistics
(English / Spanish)
Meeting Scripts
(English / Spanish)
Care Plan
(English / Spanish)

Step 3

All members of the facility’s interdisciplinary team must watch the following “How to” video and attest to having watched it by clicking SUBMIT at end of the page (within the same page where the video is found). The QR Code will lead you to the video/attestation page.

Below you will also find the My Dialysis Plan Tracker & Quarterly Report links. Use the My Dialysis Tracker to gather monthly data for implementation of the My Dialysis tool and plans of care. Reporting links and QR codes are found in the same page as the tracker. Instructions are provided in the “How to” video.

My Dialysis Plan Tracker How To Video  
My Dialysis Plan Tracker and 
Reporting Links
(English / Spanish)
"How To" Instructional Video:
My Dialysis Plan Monthly Tracking and
Completing the Quarterly Report
QR My Dialysis Plan

Supportive Resources