About Beyond Engagement 2018

It is our ongoing effort here at Quality Insights Renal Network 3 to assist dialysis facilities in the development of Patient-Centered Care models that promote patient, family and staff engagement. In support of the development of a patient-centered care culture, we are pleased to present “Beyond Engagement 2018.”
Beyond Engagement 2018 – Full Program (Word) (PDF)
Timeline: January 2018 – October 2018
Main Task: SME QAPI Meeting Engagement

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Individual Forms
  • Instructions (Word) (PDF)
  • Facility Contact Form (Word) (PDF)
  • Task A - Interdisciplinary Team Commitment of Support (Word) (PDF)
  • Task B - Patient/Family Member Facility Recruitment Letter (Word) (PDF)
  • Task B - Patient/Family Member Representative Registration Form (Word) (PDF)
  • Task C - Do’s and Don’ts of a Productive Meeting (Word) (PDF)
  • Main Task - SME QAPI Meeting Engagement (Word) (PDF)
  • Final Report (Word) (PDF)
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