2016 Puerto Rico Annual Meeting 

Meeting Presentations

Lisandro Montalvo, MD – Performance and Quality of Care: The New Trend for Reimbursement of Dialysis Services                                                                                        

Amaryllis R. Muñoz Colón, Ph.D. – Depression as a Risk Factor for Non-Compliance

Lourdes Cruz, MSN, RN – Federal and State Regulations: What Does it Mean for Patient Care?

Marien Saade, MSN, RN, CNN – Puerto Rico Nursing Law #254: Implications for Nephrology Nursing Practice

Rebeca Rodriguez, MSN, RN, CNN – Cardiovascular Assessment and Reassessment During the Dialysis Treatment

Rebeca Rodriguez, MSN, RN, CNN – Nursing Workshop: Planning a Hemodialysis Treatment to Avoid Short and Long Term CV Complications 

Elizabeth Tirado Colón, MSW – Patient’s First Dialysis and Elements that Influence their Experience

Angel Rivera Santos, MD – Management of Hypercalcemia in Stage 5 ESRD Patients

Damaris Vasquez, MPH, ED, ER, WCMC– Nutrition and Hypercalcemia