Learning and Action Networks (LANs)

A Learning and Action Network (LAN) is an improvement initiative that brings together health care professionals, patients and other stakeholders around an evidence-based agenda to achieve rapid, wide-scale improvement. The LAN model includes collaborative projects, online interactions, and peer-to-peer education to facilitate shared commitment, energy and knowledge that allows participants to learn from each other as well as from the Network.

Health care quality improvement works best when everyone teaches and everyone learns. LANs create an opportunity for communities to harness the knowledge, skills and abilities of their peers and vested partners.

Through our Network-wide, topic-specific Learning and Action Networks, you can:

  • Connect with organizations and individuals that have similar Quality Improvement (QI) goals and challenges and have the opportunity for in-depth learning and problem solving
  • Learn from others in an "all teach, all learn" environment
  • Be mentored by a high-performing provider
  • Benefit from others' best practices as quickly as they are identified
  • Receive and share free information and tools that support improvement
  • Be recognized for meeting or exceeding improvement targets

Quality Insights will be convening and supporting two LANs based on specific areas of focus that include:

  • Patient Engagement
  • Healthcare-Associated Infections