Bloodstream Infection (BSI) Reduction

Network Lead - Annabelle Perez BSN RN

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Quality Insights Renal Network 3 is conducting the quality improvement project,  Assessing Infection Practices and Responding to Reduce Infections, that aims to improve patient safety and reduce infections in dialysis facilities. Participating facilities will assess their prevention practices and respond with interventions that include - but are not limited to - reevaluation of infection prevention practices, engagement and education of patients and staff on the CDC Recommended Interventions for Dialysis BSI Prevention, and ongoing monitoring of their infection prevention activities. The goal of the project is a 5 percent or greater reduction in BSI rates in participating facilities.  


Staff Education and Competency

Surveillance and Feedback Using NHSN

Catheter/Vascular Access Care Observations

Hand Hygiene Observations

Catheter Hub Disinfection

Catheter Reduction

Patient Education and Engagement

Chlorhexidine for Skin Antisepsis

Antimicrobial Ointment

2017 BSI Reduction project roll out call